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Mindful Based Stress Reduction

overstimulated   †  Nervous system out of balance
We live in a hectic society (world) where a lot is asked of us, work, family, family and social environment. We have to perform and keep going. As a result, we can develop Burn-out and tension complaints. 

During the day, our attention is drawn to all kinds of stimuli: things we see, what we think, what we hear, and what we feel. This can cause us to become overstimulated, the nervous system gets out of balance. Attention is constantly switching and we are not paying attention to it.


The constant switching and the stimuli cause stress, worry and worry. By being overstimulated we can also become reactive (discomfort, restlessness, hyper). This has an effect on our general well-being (mental, physical and emotional) so that the quality of our life consists only of dampening stress, worry and worry. Whether continuing with chronic fatigue or tension complaints, etc.


We do not experience quality of life. In a chronic state of fatigue or tension can not experience rest and relaxation. Mindfulness teaches you to train your attention and to become aware of the moment so that you can make different choices.

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