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Mindful Based Stress Reduction                           video 2019

Member of Association of Mindfulness

Chamber of Commerce number 58378324

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My name is Sjarda Joemai, a specialized Mindfulness trainer in guiding people/organizations that get stuck due to stress, overstrain, burnout complaints and/or experience this through discrimination or exclusion. I'll teach you to deal with this. How you can get a better balance and how nice it is to really experience quality of life. Through light, relaxed attention but purposeful way to be yourself again.  


Due to terrible events in my life I experienced fear, sadness, anger and stress, so that I did not understand life for a while and especially the transience. Everything can change overnight. Through mindfulness and insight meditation I have learned to deal with these terrible events in my life. Mindfulness has to be practiced, it is not a magic bullet but a skill that you can develop.  


Do you feel rushed? Are you stressed/worried/worried? Or do you suffer from fatigue? And you have no idea how to deal with that?

Then schedule a free introduction with me and I'll tell you exactly how I work and how you can lead a quality life through your own efforts.   



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