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Individual Mindfulness Training for Discrimination or Racism!


Individual Mindful Based Cognitive Practice, (I-MBCT).



Discrimination or racism affects our human dignity. This,

discrimination can take the form of both subtle and direct exclusion.

This exclusion can have major consequences on our lives, because consciously whether

subconsciously it affects our mental, physical and emotional well-being. I

I have experienced it myself and from my own experience I can help people

support and guide.

Through the healing power of mindfulness and self-compassion (kindness),

we feel the wounds, anger, fears, sadness and all kinds of other emotions that

accompanying healing.


The aim is not to justify or apologize for another, but to

develop caring attention and kindness towards ourselves in order to deal with this

to go. The technique of mindfulness and self-compassion has helped me

to face life with dignity, resilience and courage.

Where I could have reacted with bitterness and resentment,

mindfulness gave me freedom and I managed to improve my quality of life

retain. The more mindfulness meditation I practice, the more space I have

create between myself and racism, discrimination and all its negative consequences.


For whom:

For all people of color who want mindfulness and self-compassion

and want to experience a greater sense of freedom and well-being.



During 8 individual meetings of 1 hour and 15 minutes adapted to the

personal needs we practice mindfulness, and in addition there is a

workbook and practice material.


Start date:

In consultation with you. Meetings can take place online or face to

face at a location to be agreed.



Introductory meeting for free.

Per meeting €81.25, the training costs €650 in its entirety. The workbook

and training materials are included. If cost is an obstacle

then an arrangement is possible.


Sign Up :

see registration form.

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