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By people the question “Mindfulness on skin color, what does that mean for you?” to state we want to create awareness in white and colored people who practice mindfulness and vipassana meditation.


The experience is that color blindness is better than naming your skin color in both white and colored people. Progressives believe that the categorization of coercion based on skin color is a 'stuffy and old-fashioned way of seeing', because at the end of the day we are all human. Are we ever beyond race? That belief is a gross denial of visible social reality. After all, the trouble with our blind spot is precisely that it cannot see itself and must be pointed out by others.  


We want to create awareness by briefly asking all kinds of people (mindfulness, vipassana and other Buddhist sanghas) via zoom the question what evokes the sentence in them: 'Mindfulness on skin color' What does that mean to you. The interview lasts 3 minutes or less. In a number of sentences, the interviewee tells what comes to his or her mind when the sentence Mindfulness on skin color comes up. This is being spread through social media. With this we want to see if we can make an impact in the mindfulness and vipassana community.

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